Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5th Annual Hope Starts Here Challenge

For the second year in a row, nasty weather descended on the UP, but it did not dampen the outpouring of support for the event. And for the second year in a row, we shattered participation numbers. There were about 330 registered for this year's event--including 50 people who signed up the morning of the Challenge, despite several inches of snow and a winter storm warning.

First, a truly heartfelt thanks to all who participated in, volunteered at, or sponsored the event. While the funds raised are vitally important to maintain and expand the UMBTC's programs, equally important is the inspiration and motivation your support provides to our patients, families and staff.

It is a little crazy, though, that the worse the weather, the better the turnout. I think that really speaks to the character of the folks that live in the UP. We embrace a cause because it is important and we embrace our weather because it sets us apart, makes us stronger.

What is it about the Hope Starts Here Challenge and the UMBTC that gets people out of a nice warm bed to face a cold, snowy morning? I think it is because all our programs are centered around our patients and families. I think it is because all our members are enthusiastic, energetic and hopeful. I think it is because we are always moving forward, open to new approaches and new ideas. I think it is because the things we learn caring for our brain tumor patients can be applied to caring for patients with other cancers.

Thank you for your support. See you next May for the 6th Annual Hope Starts Here Challenge.

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Christine said...

Nicely stated! I think the growth of this event is also centered on the fact that hope is contagious and there is strenght in numbers. The weather did break, the sun came out, the run along Superior was exhilirating, and the support exhibited for UMBTC and fellow event participants was heartwarming.