Monday, November 29, 2010

Even More on Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

This article appeared recently in the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography. The authors conducted a review of published studies looking at long term (10 years or more) cell phone use and incidence of brain tumor. They particularly commented on two recent large studies: The Interphone Study, a multinational study, and Swedish studies lead by Dr. Hardell. The two studies have methodology issues. An important issue for the Interphone Study is that is was largely funded by mobile phone industry.

Here are some interesting comments and conclusions:
  1. Long-term cell phone use can increase the likelihood of being hospitalized for migraines and vertigo by 10% to 20%
  2. Cell phone storage in front pockets has been linked to poor fertility and an increased chance of miscarriage and childhood cancer.
  3. Electromagnetic radiation from a cell phone can penetrate the skull and deposit energy 4 to 6 cm into the brain. This
  4. long-term cell phone use can approximately double the risk of developing a glioma or an acoustic neuroma in the more exposed brain hemisphere (the side of most cell phone use)
  5. A study reported an 80% increased near significant risk (93.9%) of testicular cancer when the cell phone was kept in the left pocket, then the left testicle developed cancer; and kept in the right pocket, then the right testicle developed cancer
These are precautionary tips from the authors:
"Here are some steps one can take to reduce exposure to electromagnetic energy from cell phones:
1. Limit the use of cell phones to essential calls and keep calls short. 2. Children should be allowed to use a cell phone in cases of emergency only. Because of their developing skulls, the radiation can penetrate much more deeply. 3. Wear an air tube headset (not regular wired headset). The regular wired headset has been found to intensify radiation into the ear canal. The wire not only transmits the radiation from the cell phone but also serves as an antenna, attracting EMFs from the surroundings. 4. Do not put the cell phone in a pocket or a belt while in use or while it is on. The body tissue in the lower body area has good conductivity and absorbs radiation more quickly than the head. One study shows that men who wear cell phones near their groin could have their sperm count dropped by as much as 30%. 5. If using the phone without a headset, wait for the call to connect before placing the phone next to the ear. 6. Do not use the cell phone in enclosed metal spaces such as vehicles or elevators, where devices may use more power to establish connection. 7. Do not make a call when the signal strength is 1 bar or less, which means the phone must work harder to establish a connection.
8. Use a scientifically validated EMF protection device. There are advanced technologies available nowadays that strengthen the bioenergy field and immune system against the effects of EMF. 9. Use text instead of talk.
10. Use landlines.
11. Keep cell phone off most of the time. Let people leave messages and then call them back from a landline.
12. Limit the use of cell phones in rural areas."

So, evidence is mounting that there are health concerns related to long term cell phone use. It seems prudent to limit cell phone use especially for young children.

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