Wednesday, January 6, 2010

UMBTC names its first Postdoctoral Fellow

The Upper Michigan Brain Tumor
Center has named John Lawrence,
PhD, as its first Postdoctoral Research
Fellow under the mentorship of Robert
Winn, PhD, and Richard Rovin, MD.
Dr. Lawrence, who recently finished his
doctorate at Michigan Technological
University, brings a valuable skill set in
human research that will complement
Dr. Winn and Dr. Rovin’s expertise.
“John brings experience and motivation
which will help us move our research
along,” noted Dr. Winn. “This is a great
opportunity for our students to work
closely with another trained PhD in the
In the laboratory at Northern
Michigan University, he will begin by
investigating microvesicles (vesicles
shed from tumor cells) and what role
they may play in tumor recurrence. He
is new to the UMBTC, but is a familiar
face around NMU and Marquette.
He earned a bachelor’s (2003) and a
master’s (2005), both from NMU, and
currently co-coaches the Marquette
High School State Champion Alpine Ski
“While working in Dr. Winn’s lab, I
plan to gain valuable molecular biology
skills which will prepare me for future
research in my own laboratory. I am
also really excited about doing cancer
research,” Lawrence stated.
He plans to finish his fellowship and
move into an academic position where
he can continue research. In his spare
time, Dr. Lawrence enjoys alpine skiing,
fly fishing and mountain biking. He and
his wife with their 8 month old daughter
reside in Marquette

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