Monday, May 14, 2007

John Karry Award Winners

The John Karry Award is given to the individual and team that raise the most money for the UMBTC. John fought a courageous battle against brain cancer and inspires us to continue the fight.

2007 Individual Karry Award Winner: Elizabeth Schut (2nd year in a row, let's hope she tries for a hat trick).

2007 Team Karry Award Winner: Team Kus, riding for Molly.

Congratulations to all the riders--please join us next year.

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Patricia said...

It'll be a year on Nov. 16 this coming Friday since my brother John passed away. It still doesn't seem possible that he is gone. I can feel him around me always.

What a wonderful tribute in his honor to have "The John Karry Bike Award". He would be so pleased with it. Congratulations to the winner.

I will be there next May for the bike ride and will cheer everyone on.

Thank You Dr. Rovin for all you did for Johnny. He considered you a real friend.

He is my brother and I miss him and love him dearly. He was so brave through his cancer fight. I'm so proud of him. He had so much courage.

I love you Johnny.

Your sister,