Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hope Starts Here

I get asked alot about the origin of the UMBTC motto "Hope Starts Here". I would begin by explaining what I believe Hope means--what we all feel Hope means--that tomorrow promises to be better than today in some way. But over the past 18 months or so, I have realized that it is not what we believe or think or feel or say that matters most--it is what we do.
So for me, Hope is what I do.
Hope is going to the operating room to remove a cancer.
Hope is going to the lab to search for a clue that might lead to a better treatment.
Hope is spending time with my patients and families, listening.
The UMBTC is made up of people who Hope.
Hope is what we do.
Hope is who we are.
That is why I can truly say Hope Starts Here.
Rich Rovin

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Anonymous said...

I beleive in hope. Thank You for saving my life Dr. Rovin.